Originally Published November 1, 2016

So Google has updated its SEO Algorithm. I can probably guess what your thinking? what the hell is Google Penguin 4? Well let’s get started.

For those who aren’t familiar with the mechanics of Google, Google works using algorithms. These are fancy maths equations. It does this by sending little programs called bots throughout the internet which record ‘what is what’ on the web, testing it against equations which stipulate where each site sits in the search engines.

Now the mechanics of the algorithm work like this (very simply) the more high end websites linking to your site the better your site is seen on google. Google rates the sites linking to your site by how many links they have going to there site and so on.  So if you consider how many people link to BBC.co.uk this then means to google this site is massively important. If BBC.co.uk link to your site, by association your site must be important or they wouldn’t link to your site.

For years there has been a form of wizardry called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this is the method of building your website so when the google bots come along and do maths (algorithm), your site comes out high up in the search engine and thus: people will see your page first when they type in certain searches. e.g: ‘Top 10 best iphone covers’ – imagine your iphone cover site came out top of the list #boom #sales. In order to do this SEO’s build a collection of links towards a site which boost the site via manipulating the association element. (There are other small factors that effect this but to keep this as simple as possible) when your blog gets a load of weird messages with weird links (this is not effective but people still do it) this is whats going on.

So whats going on with this Penguin 4 update?

Well when Google updates their algorithm they name it after an animal. As algorithms get older SEO’s get wiser and the algorithm has to be updated to cover the evolution of tactics used to cheat their way up the search engines.

If you are not using SPAM to boost your site or any underhand tactics, your site will be just fine – to an extent everyone uses SEO. Google doesn’t go out of its way to boot off sites that are naturally popular and give a lot of value to the user (who is also a user of Google). In fact with Penguin 4 if you update your site it will now be picked up faster in google as the new algorithm works in real time (as apposed to checking every few weeks) which meant previously if you or your SEO agent made a mistake, it could take weeks for you to get back to were you were in google, now it wont, which is good. The update was also built to stop people manipulating rubbish PBN’s (post blog networks) which are basically blog networks with no real value but have been built to take advantage of links, and pass the association onto their clients websites.

So if your website is genuine, constantly updated, has a stream of new followers and is linked to social media which is operational then you should be just fine. I hope this clears up your understanding of googles algorithms somewhat and/or intorduces you to the world of SEO.

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