What on earth is the meaning of this title? Firstly, last night i was in the Ethereum network. Yes that sounds like Tron but it gave me a massive look and feel for what will replace a lot of what we call the internet today.

Toshi is a browser you can download on your phone which is a bit like the Apple app store, only its in Ethereum and its amazing!

On the surface of it it looks a bit rubbish. Imagine you could only download 5 apps on your phone, why would that be interesting? *cough iphone 1 cough* Initially you’re left thinking ‘what is this, what do i do? But, it’s interesting because it gives us an insight into the internet of the future.

I downloaded it in the app store and set about figuring it out.

The most natural thing to do is go to the ‘Me’ icon on the bottom right. Click Edit profile and fill in a username and your actual name in the profile section and you have the option to add a picture or, you can leave it with the name, username and picture it has left you with. I’m @PeterMears and Peter Mears obviously.

Clicking search on the bottom left takes you back to the apps and all the top rated and newest people to join (I’ll explain the rating bit in a minute).

The current apps are:

Week in Ethereum – This is an internal Etherium News Letter

Toshi Bot – Helps you make transactions. literally a bot you ask questions to

Group Chat – A way to chat to people on the system (this was very cool)

CryptoKitties – That game that nearly brought down the network

Adbot – okay, this changes everything and everything in the world of digital marketing is about to be thrown out the window.

Click the apps to enter into them.

In order to interact with the apps you must go to the message icon in the top left and it’ll explain what to do in the chat. It gives you options and you simply pick what you want while also explaining what is going on. At first i didn’t know to press this and sat there staring at the screen baffled.

The week in Ethereum was an interesting newsletter type read which i recommend if just to take in some terminology, it basically opens in a usual browser window.

Toshi Bot seemingly does what it say on the tin. I haven’t yet fully utilized this yet.

The discussion was interesting in the chat. We discussed many things from Bitcoin bubbles, I looked into DAP and DAO tech in order to hypothetically consider an Ethereum ‘Amazon.com’ and what the consequences of that would be, as well as lightning updates and futures. Each of these subjects deserve their own post as they are mega fascinating on their own and I’ll try my best to bring them to you in layman terms. So I’ve deduced if I want damn good information from people seriously interested in cryptocurrency I shall be spending a lot of time there and it is where my rating increased. As we were deemed to be having such a good conversation, 2 splendid people gave me a 5 star rating..Bonza! (see ‘me’ bit earlier).

CryptoKitties is fascinating. We’ve heard of people paying hundreds of thousands for the right kitty, essentially it’s a game and you pay to bring up cats which increase/decrease in value and rarity, you can bread them with other cats.

Cats are ranked in number order and the rarer the cat the lower the number. The rarer cats look nicer, breed faster and so cost more. You bread them with better cats to increase the chance of better cats to sell them. Come to think of it, it’s basically digital cat eugenics for sale, and an interesting look into the psychology of whats to come. (For a better understanding of Cryptokitties I’d advise clicking here).

Adbot, for me at least, is the biggest sign of things to come. Look here at the interface chat intro to get an understanding:

The way internet advertising works is; a company (and I’ve done a lot of this previously), pays a company online to advertise on their platform eg; Google adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter etc. They are charged everytime someone clicks on their ads and they (Facebook etc.) keep all the money and value as they are the gate keepers.

With Ethereum, the companies pay you directly. Yes that’s right, you will be paid in Etha (Ethereum currency) everytime you see an ad. WHAT?…….yep! The companies will pay you and you will buy their product. I shall make this a blog post on its own as its going to blow minds in digital marketing. If I, as a Company, launch an ad, I pay everyone who sees it individually as i would have Facebook before. This will change the whole landscape and put consumers and producers directly in each others pockets and financially reliant on each other like never before.

Check it out for yourself, it’s in the app store on your phone, the more you know the stronger you’ll be with this blockchain revolution and the more exciting it gets.


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