Having been interested in Shopify, Amazon and online trade since its conception, added to that, a passion for trade and the history of trade outlined in many blog posts such as here we’ve taken the leap of developing products internationally to be sold via online markets. My background is in online advertising having developed Facebook groups with thousands of followers as well as webdesign/WordPress and accounting. My fiance is a Solicitor with an eye for detail and an ability to organize which is second to none. Together we have embarked on a business which encompasses the following:

  • Setting up a company with companies house
  • Finding a factory to manufacture and then designing and producing the products (Alibaba or local).
  • Designing the look and aesthetic of the company including logos, the name of the company, and marketing strategies.
  • Finding the right platform to sell online Website/Amazon/Shopify/eBay
  • Organizing Import/export and taxes (something seriously overlooked when learning how to design such a business especially to import to the UK).
  • Accounting and Finance – organizing the accounts of a business (another vital system no business can survive without)
  • Social Media Marketing and utilizing platform advertising
  • and much more

Their are a lot of very expensive course’s online and a lot of free information. In our experience of setting up and running an online business from the UK it is amazing how little information is actually available when it comes to things such as import taxes and fees (which can be very expensive) Setting up a LTD company, Accounting and finance and specific requirements for selling on Amazon for example.

I am aiming eventually to compose a course which lays out how to do this specifically for international manufacturing for distribution from the United Kingdom. A complete step by step guide which will run you through the processes, bureaucracy and mechanics without breaking the bank.

Let’s be honest, even we find setting up such a business to be hard (we come from legal/financial backgrounds and it isn’t easy), it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it is and our experience of overcoming issues can help a lot of people build their companies. Plus being a merchant, creating excellent businesses and tracking your products as they sail across the oceans is actually well worth the effort (not to mention the financial gains).



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