I’m going to start this post as not only an introduction to the blog but as an introduction to one of the inspirations for writing it in the first place. This blog will look at trade throughout history and use the stories of what’s happened before to help entrepreneurs master trade and commerce in the modern (and mainly online) world. Don’t mistake this as a history book, consider it a thorough education in Enterprise, eCommerce and eMarketing with a proper foundation and hopefully some interesting reading, QI style..

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Right now though i shall start at a modern beginning, ‘the renaissance’ which was an explosion of art and creativity founded on trade, commerce and entrepreneurship in 14th century Florence, Italy.

Florence as in the Assassins Creed place. Same one!

It began with banking, in particular one family, the Medici. The Medici started out as cloth merchants, moving to banking in 1397. The Richard Branson/Warren Buffet of this age who’d start one of the most powerful businesses in the world was Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici. Born in 1360 to modest poverty, Giavanni would go on to begin the Medici bank. This at a time when bankers worked humble markets shouting their best offers for loans. This was when a banker would go broke he would have to ceremoniously break his table in two ‘banca rotta’ the italian for Broken Table and the origins of the term ‘bankrupt’.

“with my mind on my money and my money on my mind”

The Medici were particularly organized pioneering the double entry bookkeeping system. With their advanced accounting (which we will teach in this blog) they would, through political/financial gains acquire the wealth to induce the most profound marketing campaign the world had ever seen. Employing the likes of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vasari, Brunelleschi and so on. Through their schools of art and patronage they advanced the art of power in such a way, the parallels of advancement are equivalent to the arrival of the internet to modern politics, business and power.

Michelangelo’s Dave. Commissioned by the Medici, became a symbol of the city.

This family encompassed all the skills required to power a successful business and the city itself which they went on to rule. This we will break down case by case and subject by subject (ie: Marketing, Business planning, financial management, drive, etc. etc.)

This then is the mantra of this blog. Studying the greatest enterprises the world has seen we can not only learn and be inspired but move the bar on and create (as the renaissance created on a scale never before seen) a new and dynamic forward thinking and impressible world of business and enterprise.


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