So a couple of months ago this site was seriously hacked. I had to delete everything and start again and this was due to a few cock-ups of my own. Firstly i hadn’t backed up my site..oops! I also hadn’t installed proper anti malware software on the WordPress platform, something got in and went ballistic. Naturally this got on my goat which left me somewhat sick to death with the websites and i ignored everything. closed everything down and went the pub. A shame really as the site was gaining momentum and flying up the google rankings with some impressive traffic. After much deliberation and walking round thinking what else to do to fill the void, i can now declare the site back up.  It will take time to rebuild around my work at the university and other roles but in no time at all it shall be going fast stronger and better than before. This then is not only a rebirth of the site but also an opportunity to go about things wiser and more creatively than last time. If this is your first time to the site welcome and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do making it.


Peter Mears

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