I’m quite a big fan of the Tim Ferris podcast. I listen to it on my run, I listen to it when I struggle to get my head into work mode. In a way it acts as a form of meditation and on that note: the list of notable people and billionaires/entrepreneurs and inventors who sing the virtues of meditation is endless.

List of notable figures who meditate or have experimented with meditation in the past:

Arianna Huffington, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Rik Rubin, Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood, Howard Stern, Ray Dalio, Tim Ferris, Russel Brand, Tom Hanks, Yukio Hatoyama, Jon Hopkins, Rupert Murdoch and on and on and on…

The point is it is hard not to see a correlation between highly successful people and taking ten minutes out to do a spot of meditation.

I personally thought it all a bit mystical-meets-new age nonsense. I just couldn’t see myself doing something so far out and alien to the culture I grew up in. Upon realizing every single clever clogs on Tim Ferris’ podcast had some kind of meditation routine, i had to give it a shot.

I live round the corner from a meditation place. big sign on front door of massive old merchant house that might as well say ‘hippie commune’. i pondered it, but knew I was never going there – or anywhere like it.

Headspace is an App. (‘there’s an app for that’ available in Appstore) – I’d heard of it, but couldn’t figure out how an app could compete with what would usually be a one-to-one with a man in a gown muttering stuff as if in the Himalayas.

How wrong i was.

Headspace is put together by a chap called Andy Puddicombe who actually trained as a monk (proper no frills Himalayan Tibetan Buddhist one). Sounding a bit like the most chilled dude ever to come out of Bristol, his voice guides you through the processes of meditation on the app. It actually teaches you what meditation is and how it effects your thinking and outlook of life. After 54 sessions i can say it has definitely improved me. I’m no longer irritable, I’m much more positive and productive to say the least. To be honest i personally see no difference in how i feel about things (that is the point as gripes don’t effect you as much) but when I add up all the clues and my fiance’s impression of me. Massive improvement.



(Charlotte, my fiance, can’t stand Andy Puddicombe’s voice and quit straight away) I could sit in the pub with this dude for days. I’m really now getting interested in how Headspace works as it becomes routine. Eventually the experience of just switching off from the world and dialing into some other worldly experience is really quite cool and I’m often left wanting an extra few minutes as the time flies. The length and breadth of different courses and sessions is incredible. From sleep help, Uni help, sports, help. You name it..

Here is an excellent video by Russell Brand (an ardent meditationist) which really explains it with a taster at the end.


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