As reported yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg has spoken out about the numerous flaws in Facebook. One problem he outlines, is the centralized nature of the corporation. His tactic to fix this is by implementing ‘Bitcoin technology’.

This is funny because if Facebook today were to be built on so called ‘Bitcoin Technology’ (It would be an Ethereum Dapp) and he wouldn’t have a job, never mind the billions in dollars he’s reputably worth.

My Bullshit-O-Meter went into overdrive, naturally.

The whole point of DAPPs is to do away with companies like Facebook. On ‘Bitcoin Technology’ Peer-To-Peer means nobody to collect all that advertising revenue as it goes straight to the viewer. Under ‘Bitcoin Technology’ Facebook has no revenue stream. The same with that other monster of corporate monopoly, Google.

So where does this leave us?

Over the next few years we’ll see the ‘Bitcoin Tech’ line rolled out by every massive business in a bid to market themselves as the good guys. Turkeys voting for Christmas, yes but, in the short term it serves them well. All Facebook must do is place a futile button somewhere saying ‘buy with bitcoin’ and they’ve convinced everyone of their decentralized bollocks.

There is a precedent here: Green! Every coal gobbling corporation in the west spending a fortune to Offset their carbon footprint in an effort to be seen to be the good guy and further convince you to buy their shit. If you think any of this is out of a sudden moral brilliance you’d be mistaken.

So keep an eye out henceforth, the world is about to go decentralized mad.

But that being said, as company marketing dictates, appealing to the conscience of the customer is good business. Thanks to the Carbon Footprint initiatives, companies have to be more green which protects the environment, incentivized by profits. This also says a lot for the power of Blockchain and how it is now effecting the corporate world. It’s already making a difference, even if I believe Mr Zuckerberg is acting reactionary to a changing market rather than appealing to a sense of moral duty.

Companies now must begin to decentralize. Even if by a token amount, that’s good for everyone.



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