I used to love Command and Conquer, that strategy game were you’d build an army and basically act like a emperor without consequence. I play a similar game on my phone phone when not adulting except it has ships and is an app. The object being to steel other peoples money, mine for minerals and other precious commodities and build a base and fleet hard enough to blitz the hell out of the rest of the game. I’m doing well, my coffers are rammed and my fleet is badass.

Imagine the dollars I have on that game could actually be used to buy dinner. By building an empire online I could take those game tokens out and into my real life bank account. Thanks to Ethereum, that will soon be possible.

Hash Rush (Hashrush.com) is an online strategy game being built on Blockchain technology. Due out late 2018 it is currently in Beta phase and ICO’d in September last year.

The object of the game is to build a base on a distant fictional world and mine for minerals which can then be switched to Etha and sent to your Coinbase wallet. Like any good strategy game the object is to develop a society which will repel monsters and grow in strength. Strength you can withdraw and spend in real life.

Within the game like other games, tokens which allow benefits can be traded on an in house trading platform for tokens which can be withdrawn to your wallet.

Essentially: You get paid for paying an online strategy game. (You can’t lose as it’s free to setup and play)

The way this works is by connecting the gaming ‘interface’ to pool mining. This is a method of using your computer to work as a hash node which then mines crypto-currency. So basically its a nice way to combine crypto mining with gaming which, with the draw of being paid to play, will no doubt make it a massively popular game.

I’m not sure how the mining will work when Ethereum goes proof of stake but I’m led to believe via my quick research into the game that the withdrawal methods will be flexible in different crypto-currencies. So you could no doubt be paid in bitcoin (I could be wrong on this).

Despite this, the concept is quite groundbreaking and will no doubt influence the future of gaming and how we interact with games as a whole. It’ll no doubt boost an industry and make a lot of people money, simply by playing games.

It’s a game changer!


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