Following discussions on Toshi. As promised to @cygnus here is a proposal for a Dapp called Dappspace.

DappSpace is a DAPP (Decentralized Application) for the promotion for new DAPP ideas on Toshi.

An app where people suggest new DAPP’s which they promote to the DAPP (DappSpace) for a small sum in ETH (this could be scrapped for free promotion of ideas). Each DAPP idea is then viewed by a community of people who vote on the best DAPP via a small sum of ETH. This ETH will go to the developer to support the creation of this DAPP. People can only vote via ETH.

Why would they do this?

With a collective a form of one-upmanship occurring to push an idea out into Ethereum, sort of how people support a football team. The DAPP’s that get the most support will be fired to the top of a DAPP list for all to see when logging into the app.

Each DAPP will be presented just like apps in the iPhone app-store with a short abstract on how the DAPP will benefit the community.

This will also get the attention of businesses who see the creative capabilities of these DAPPs to society and will help the value of Ethereum as a whole. People will be incentivized to suggest ideas for the glory of doing so and value that can be made in the process via votes.

This will give us a top tear of plans for the future of Ethereum for all to see.

As to how these plans are manifest, as someone who isn’t an app developer, I would suggest written plans or via drawings/graphs/diagrams. This will open up the ability to contribute to Ethereum to people outside the coding world.

To stop certain developers dominating, an equation must be established to divide the votes by time to give everyone an opportunity to compete as new ideas come to fruition.

Please feel free to add any comments, ideas or further ways to bring this to fruition below. Every idea is a good idea. Cheers!.

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