I’m writing this just to write something in order to get back into the mode of writing. Firstly, let’s address what happened to Bitcoin/Ethereum. Post New year as we all know the world of crypto got a massive correction which saw everyone’s investments plummet (yes investments) as nobody is using it as a currency yet. Now we can look at this in two ways; Bad! my monies are worth less! This is obvious and there was a push post Davos (where the elite all get together for a chinwag) to hound out the speculators. This manifested as an apparent witch hunt aimed at hounding people away from cyrpto. This lowered the value and destroyed its reputation. In doing so it brought the value back down toward a more manageable curve. Post this correction the same chaps at Davos have now gotten on the bandwagon and upon a bargain got into the crypto game.

Skip the massive boost at new year and the growth over the period of a year looks sensible.

Compared to last year the investment value of Ethereum looks like a good investment. Nevermind the obvious tech benefits of the technology (just following the average trend). If you get a ruler and apply it to the graph above we’re looking at a growth rate which would on average return to the heights of the new year in a years time (not accounting for another massive potential run). If you would have invested in apple at the start you’d be looking rather clever now, despite the blip that nearly wiped out everything in the early 90’s.

I’ve written this post mainly to get back into the mode of writing again and update post the ‘crash’. Next stop will be on why I’ve now got a massive ship sailing through the south china sea full of products I’ve developed…


Ciao. P

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